About Us


Where darkness is the most abundant, light is the most needed.

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Husband and wife Chris and Andrea Elston found themselves in numerous conversations about how quickly they were watching society deteriorate.

It wasn’t just them. Everyone around them seemed to be talking about it and coming to the same conclusion – lies had replaced truth in almost every direction they looked. Andrea’s more than twenty years in the classroom gave her a front row seat and she was thankful to be in a private Christian school where the impact of curriculum as indoctrination was minimized significantly when compared to the public schools around her. Chris had worked for fifteen years in the film and television industry before becoming a published author and saw firsthand how entertainment, like education, was used to brainwash the masses and push individual agendas.

Together, they founded Shine a Light Corp., a multimedia company with a purpose for transforming both industries. After doing so, they began connecting with people around the U.S. at likeminded organizations. There are a lot of people and groups out there with a concurring worldview and there is strength in numbers. They began to form the opinion that we need to band together, support one another, and stand up for truth as a united front. If we do that, they believe we can stop the lies and change the world. It is out of that idea that this ministry, intent on shining the light of truth, was born.


We are currently seeking out educational materials that promote family values and build character, teach truth whether comfortable or not, and avoid subjects that are not age appropriate. We will donate those materials to institutions, co-ops and families who would not otherwise have the opportunity or means to purchase the materials for themselves. Soon, we will also begin making financial donations to underfunded organizations that harmonize with our mission. Further, we will provide scholarship opportunities so that children, who otherwise would not be able to, can attend educational institutions that instill truth and do not seek to indoctrinate them with false teachings.